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Hello! I'm Angelo Verlain, but you can call me vixalien. I am a web developer. This is my website, a collection of projects and writings.


2022 →

A year of change and adaption.

Setting up React Cosmos in Remix →

Build a sandbox for developing and testing UI components in Remix.

Hello Deno Blog! →

Converting my blog to Deno. Spoiler Alert: it's easy and fast!

Setup Git →

How I set up Git on my systems with using opinionated defaults.

Building a blog with Explosiv →

Building a static lightweight and fast blog with Explosiv.

How Rabbet Works →

A lightweight site that allow you to build pages from links.

Learn Git! →

Learn to use Git, a popular Distributed Control System to effectively collaborate and manage your software projects.

Let it snow! →

Building an optimized snowing weather with the Web Animations API and Promises.

How Explosiv Works →

The most lightweight, yet fully featured static-site generator you'll see.

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